AEG BBH 18 Cordless Hammer

AEG BBH 18 Cordless Hammer is an accumulator punch for the professional construction works. It has a lot of functions and can be used as drilling tool or mortising tool. It is produced in the special case, which can be easily kept and transported.

To the pros of this tool the following can be added.

There is a possibility to change the working equipment effectively and quickly. Thanks to the limitation of the depth, drilling can be carried out to the necessary level. Speed of the punch can be regulated by the launch key. The engine is protected from overheating by the special ventilation. It is very convenient to hold it in the hand thanks to the soft handle.

Pros. There are two ways to work with the punch – by using additional handle or without it, depending on the situation. Special reverse helps to unscrew the drill easily.

The chisels are done in the way that helps to turn them in order to work with the different angles. They have different variants to work with the tile, concrete, and plaster. The punch can work from the accumulators, which give a possibility to work in the different conditions. Special indicator shows the time when it is necessary to change the accumulators.

AEG BBH 18 Cordless Hammer worse its money. While working with the chasing it’s enough to do the work in one house or even in the few rooms to payback for the tool.

Of course, for drilling only one wall common drill is enough. This tool is used in the process of work under the big object and in the difficult situations. If you buy such a tool you will be able to keep a lot of money.

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