AEG BBH 24 Cordless Hammer

AEG BBH 24 Cordless HammerAEG BBH 24 Cordless Hammer defers from the other models thanks to its reliability, functionality and safety. It will be useful in the process of repair or any other constructional works. BBH 24 Cordless Hammer can deal with the wood, concrete and metal.

Long term of use is possible because of the reliable metal box of the reducer. Special safety clutch guarantees the safety of the tool and its owner in case of jamming of the drill.

The instrument has a block construction which can make its strength better. This Cordless Hammer is quite comfortable in the process of use. Its construction has a form of the letter L, what gives a possibility to control the instrument better. Its balance also becomes better.

Thanks to the electronic scheme of the speed regulation all the works, carried out by the AEG BBH 24 Cordless Hammer, get high accuracy. High energy of the strike and great performance of the instrument are possible because if the reliable and modern electro-pneumatic hammer mechanism.

In AEG BBH 24 Cordless Hammer there are three modes of work: drilling with the strike, traditional drilling and slotting. Its weight is just 4, 5 kilos so it is easy to work with it. This Cordless Hammer works with the help of the accumulator, so it can be used everywhere, even in the places where there is no electricity.

In the complex of AEG BBH 24 Cordless Hammer there is also convenient box, so it can be easily transported. Also there is an accumulator, limit of the depth and front handle. Instrument has a great ergonomic design.

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