AEG DB 1500-2 E Diamond Drills

AEG DB 1500-2 E Diamond DrillsAEG DB 1500-2 E drill is done for the dry diamond drilling. There is double-speed redactor of the drill, which gives not only good performance, but also a possibility to drill different materials.

Very powerful engine for 1500 Tues gives a possibility to the drill to stay for the long time in the working mode. This is an instrument for the real professionals.

The reliability of the drill is in the protecting collar, which is created according to the last word of technique with the double protection: mechanical and electronic.

The metal redactor and very strong box provide high durability.

The drill has a weight in 4, 2 kg and can be used for the accurate works. This feature is real thanks to the used electronics. The tool has very soft start despite the fact that its speed is 1500/3000 turns per minute. It gives a possibility to hold the tool in the arms and protect the engine from the overheating.

The tool is able to make a whole in 162 mm in the wall from the stones or from the bricks.

The characteristics of the drill are added by its impact mechanism. There is also the block button, which makes the worker free from the procedure of holding the tool in the working condition.

There is also 4 meters electrical cable, special chisel, additional handle and special case – these are those trifles, which don’t influence on the technical characteristics, but male an instrument more comfortable in use.

This instrument is very suitable for the builders and other people who work with the modern materials.

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