AEG Ergomax Percussion Drill

AEG Ergomax Percussion DrillAEG Ergomax Percussion Drill enjoys considerable and deserved popularity around the world, in many respects thanks to the highest quality and stability of work. The electroreplacement tool of the company is presented in the big quantity of versions, the professional drill intending for use in any operating conditions further will be considered. This drill very compact and powerful, about 750 V. Is present strict and the ergonomic design, convenience of use is in many respects reached and at the expense of the correct and practical arrangement of all governing bodies by this device.

Besides, there is also a shock operating mode, and speed of turns can be regulated by you in rather wide limits. Besides, this device remarkably is suitable and for work in small rooms. Thanking to small dimensions and specific weight. The two-high-speed reducer and the synchronized gear shifting will allow to pick up a demanded operating mode quickly. Fast-tightening cartridges from the metal, are used which diameter makes 13 mm. The maximum weight together with packing makes 2,6 kg.

The professional drill of AEG Ergomax is perfectly suitable for drilling of openings and drilling of various types of materials and surfaces. Steel, concrete and wood concerns that. At rotary drilling there is a fast shutdown of a shock mode, and on the contrary. Instant switching is very effective for fast and productive work. This drill is the ideal device for use, both on production, and in household purposes.

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