AEG S 2500 E screwdriver

AEG S 2500 E screwdriverAEG S 2500 E screwdriver is very convenient working tool, which gives a possibility to screw up and screw out the screws and tap screws with the diameter up to 6 mm. There is very powerful engine in 720 W, which makes very high quality of work.

There is also compact self-screwing screwdriver with very high torque, which gives a possibility to work with the screws.

There is convenient control of the limit of the depth of the driver which gives a possibility, without additional set-up of the instrument, to screw a lot of the screws without any stop at one and the same depth. Except high productivity this feature gives high quality. The screwdriver AEG S 2500 E is 1, 5 kg of quality and professionalism.

Speed of rotation of the hexahedral cartridge can reach 2500 turns per minute.

The box of the redactor is done from the steel. And this fact, of course, influence on the reliability of the tool positively.

Ergonomic construction with very comfortable handle and clip for the belt. These are not the technical characteristics of the driver. This is the comfort of the owner or operator. He won’t put a lot of efforts in order to work, because the rubber handle will help to reduce the oscillation.

Small size of the tool put some restriction for the possible spheres of its use, but, at the same time, they make its ability to work in the places, which are difficult to reach, better.

In conclusion it is necessary to say that there are some pleasant details, which will get the buyer of the tool: two limits of the depth, 3/8″ and 5/16″ end nozzles, holder of the nozzles, slip of the belt, 4 meters cable.

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