AEG S 4000 E Screwdriver

AEG S 4000 E ScrewdriverAEG S 4000 E Screwdriver has ergonomic design that is perfect for a variety of tasks and goals. The power of the device is about 720 W, so it is possible to use it in the several modes of operation.

AEG S 4000 Screwdriver is ideal for a variety of the every day’s needs, as well as use in the manufacture, when the tool will be able to operate during the entire work shift. In addition, there is a high-speed nozzle kit, which is perfect for use in the drywall. Now drilling of the holes in it will pass quickly and easily, leaving no extra material in the cracks and burrs.

The speed of rotation can vary in the wide limits; the speed can range from 0 to 4000 rotations per minute of work. Thus, you can easily achieve a reasonable speed, tuning and switching is done by using a convenient and multifunction lever. There is also protection from accidental operation and lock mode.

Consumption of power of the device is about 720 watts, output – 360 W. In order to work with the drywall special screws with a diameter not exceeding 5 mm are used. The device itself differs with the high quality, compact and durability. You can easily find a way to work with it even in the most remote places.

Standard complex also includes a data sheet with all the details and characteristics of the gadget, as well as a detailed manual that explains the main points related to the work of this unit.

AEG S 4000 E Screwdriver Specifications:

  • Power input 720 W
  • Power output 360 W
  • No-load speed 0-4000 rpm
  • Drywall screws 5 mm
  • Bit reception 1/4″
  • Weight 1.4 kg

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