Black and Decker AD600 6V Alkaline Screwdriver

Black and Decker AD600 6V Alkaline ScrewdriverFor certain simple household applications, which can be performed by any adult in the house, it is necessary to have some equipment, which is easy to use, and is affordable. After all, no one wants to spend loads of money on something, which is not used quite often, but is necessary to be in the house. Hence, ‘Black and Decker’ has brought forward AD600, which is a model made specifically for driving and drilling applications at home. Read the specifications of the equipment below.

The tool utilizes QuickConnect drilling and driving system, which allows the user to switch easily from driving to drilling and vice versa. The equipment also has a forward and reverse switch, which allows for easy removal of screws, as well as easy screw-driving. Additionally, the equipment comes loaded with different types of hardware and accessories, which makes sure that the user has an easy experience, when he/she is working at home. Everyday projects at home have never been this simple before this model. Now, you can easily install mini-blinds, hang pictures, and hang curtain rods at your own convenience, and make your house look pretty, without paying the carpenter and other workers loads of money on a simple thing. You can also perform assembling tasks, using this equipment.

The electronic screwdriver uses alkaline batteries, around 4 AA batteries. The equipment comes with 20 anchors and screws. You will also have 2 hex shank drill bits, as well as 2 hex shank screwdriving bits. Therefore, for a couple of months, you can easily perform tasks, without buying anything new! And all this in such a small amount of money. Doesn’t that sound simply divine?

The technical specifications include using a voltage of 6V. The torque applications measure 40 in lbs. The rounds per minute come up to 130 rpm. Hence, you will absolutely love this simple drilling/driving equipment. The additional feature of the spindle lock also allows you to hold the bit in place, allowing for extra precision.

The dimensions of the entire equipment comes up to 9.2 X 3.5 X 12.0 inches. Since the equipment weighs only around 1.3 pounds, which means that you do not have to carry something too heavy. Hence, this will work perfectly, and will have more ergonomic position.

Hence, this is the perfect tool for your home applications. Buy it, and get your money worth. Moreover, it is not even too expensive.

Black and Decker AD600 Specifications:

  • Rpm: 130 rpm
  • Torque: 40 in-lbs
  • Battery Type: Alkaline

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