Black and Decker DR650 6.5 Amp ½ VSR Hammer Drill/Driver

Black and Decker DR650 6.5 Amp ½ VSR Hammer Drill/DriverWhen you want a tool, which will last you for a long-time, and is easy and convenient to use, then you should go for Black and Decker DR650 6.5 Amp ½ VSR Hammer Drill/Driver. Combining both drilling and driving into one tool, this model will help you in many applications. Hence, you will have more flexibility and versatility in your work. Read the specifications below to find more about this model.

The model utilizes a power 6.5 Amp motor, which is easily able to handle the toughest of all applications. You can use the hammer drill or drill mode for certain applications, such as for food, metal and masonry applications. Masonry drilling is made possible, and faster, because the tool has ROC hammer drill technology, which allows drilling to be done in a high-speed. For certain high-speed and high-torque applications, you have the availability of two-speed selector so that you can work your way around tough applications very carefully. Other features also include a soft grip handle, which allows you to work for long hours, without getting tired and getting aches all over the body. It also helps maintain a secure grip. It utilizes a 360 degrees side handle, which has a depth rod, as well. It is made in a mid-handle design. Moreover, the metal gear housing is an additional feature of this tool.

On this tool, you will get?” hammer drill, along with chuck key and holder, a side handle and a depth rod. Hence, you will be able to tackle most of the applications that you want to. You will be able to drill and drive in concrete and masonry. You may be able to drill holes through wood, plastic, and even metal. You have the ability to drive screw and other fasteners using this tool, through a variety of different materials. This allows you the flexibility that you will never be able to get in any other tool!

You will not have to worry about buying another driving/drilling tool for a long time, because the tool is highly durable. It is made in such a way that it provides comfort. It can handle the toughest of all applications, and the speed range allows you to have higher control over your applications. It offers balance and comfort in one simple tool.

Some other technical specifications include the capacity in steel to be of, capacity in wood to be 1-1/4″ and capacity in concrete to be. On the two different speed levels, the first level makes 0-1000 rounds per minute (rpm), while the second speed range covers 0-3000 rpm. Why go for any other?

Black and Decker DR650 Specifications:

  • Amps: 6.5 Amps
  • Rpm: 0-1,000 and 0-3,000 rpm rpm
  • Beats/Min: 51000 bpm
  • Capacity in Steel: 1/2″
  • Capacity in Wood: 1-1/4″
  • Capacity in Concrete: 1/2″

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