Black and Decker LDX120C 20V MAX Lithium Drill / Driver

Black and Decker LDX120C 20V MAX Lithium Drill / DriverWhen you want extreme simplicity and convenience in your life, then Black and Decker is there to help you out. With a 2-year warranty on every product, Black and Decker has one of the finest range of drilling equipment. When you want battery run equipment, you should consider Black and Decker LDX120C 20V MAX Lithium Drill / Driver, because it will allow you to work fast, and conveniently. Read the features of the model below.

The key feature of this model includes the Lithium Ion battery, which can hold a charge for up to one and a half years (18 months). This means that you can always use the equipment, whenever you want to. Additionally, the Lithium Ion battery provides the advantage that the tool will definitely weigh less, since the battery is compact and lightweight. The LED work light is also an additional advantage, because it lights up those surfaces, which are dark. Hence, you can drill even in the darkest of places. The compact design of the tool also makes sure that the users can easily carry out tasks, which are in tight spaces and with complete ease. The 11-position clutch is another advantage, because it gives the user extra control over the work, and it prevents stripping, as well as the overdriving of screws, which are commonly associated with other drilling equipment.

The package includes a MAX Lithium drill/driver, and a MAX Lithium Ion battery. The equipment is accompanied by a double ended and of course a charger. You can use this equipment on almost all types of materials and surfaces. Drilling through wood, metal and plastic can easily be done on this equipment. Additionally, screwdriving through plastic, metal and wood is an additional benefit of this equipment.

The equipment will utilize a complete voltage of 20V. The torque weighs around 115 in lbs. The drilling work will make around 650 rounds per minute (rpm). The chuck size comes up to 3/8?.

Household applications. Most of the portable drilling equipment, by Black and Decker works best at homes. It allows the additional convenience. And the clutch setting allows good work, even by novices. Moreover, because of the lightweight and compact design, the user can easily get into tightest corners, which allows better work. Hence, the whole experience for the average home user is quite ergonomic. The drilling equipment is made in such a way that it is highly comfortable and easy to use.

Black and Decker LDX120C Specifications:

  • Voltage: 20 V
  • Torque: 115 in-lbs
  • Rpm: 650 rpm
  • Clutch Settings: 11
  • Power Source: Lithium Ion
  • Chuck Size: 3/8 “

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