Black & Decker Li2000 3 Position Rechargeable Screwdriver

Black & Decker Li2000 3 Position Rechargeable ScrewdriverIf you want your work to get done in a fast manner, and as efficiently as possible, then you should get the Black & Decker Li2000 3 Position Rechargeable Screwdriver. Since Black Decker is an established company in the market for tools and equipment, you should get their newest model. When you want effective work done, in an ergonomic way, you should consider buying this model. Read the specifications below to make up your mind.

The Lithium Ion battery, which is used in this rechargeable screw driver works on a charge for around one and a half years (18 months). This means that you will be able to work for longer hours, without worrying about power outlets. In fact, the screw driver will weigh less, because Lithium Ion batteries weight very less, especially if compared with their counterparts. Additionally, the screwdriver has a three-position handle, which means that you can work in tight, compact areas. Hence, you can target more areas with your equipment. The machine also has a spindle lock, which paves the way for manual screwdriving. It also gives the user far greater control on the task at hand. It has a forward and reverse switch, which makes it easy for screwdriving and even screw remover. The package comes with a Li2000 screw driver, with 2 Hex Shank Screwdriver bits, as well as a charger, of course. Some other technical details also include the machine utilizing around 3.6 V. The rpm, which is the speed of the screwdriver, comes up to 180 rounds per minute (RPM). The torque weighs around 40 in-lbs.

The screwdriver has different applications. Black and Decker is a company, which prides on itself, having a great consumer base, established because of superior quality equipment. This model is no different. You can use this equipment, particularly for installation of mini blinds and even window coverings. You may also use it for mounting of storage and other types of shelves. It can also help in assembling of furniture.

Black and Decker? also provides you with a 2 year warranty on this equipment. Therefore, when you are spending money on equipment, you also have the guarantee that you will get it fixed, if something happens to it.

With this equipment, you can have better precision and better control. You will always end up having beautifully designed furniture or shelves, because of this equipment. And it does not even cost much! Hence, it is the perfect equipment!

Black and Decker Li2000 Specifications:

  • Voltage: 3.6 V
  • Rpm: 180 rpm
  • Torque: 40 in-lbs
  • Battery: TypeRechargable

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