Bosch 18В HDS181-01 Hammer Drill

Bosch 18В HDS181-01 Hammer DrillBosch 18B HDS181-01 Hammer Drill represents the convenient and compact device combining functions of a usual drill and the shock puncher. Two operating modes allow to combine various options, ideally suitable for any production needs. The standard four-item engine of this model perfectly is suitable for fast switching of speeds and an operating mode, it is necessary to select everything only optimum demanded parameters for effective work.

The ergonomic design provides the maximum comfort of work, and the minimum fatigue of a hand during drilling of openings, or drillings. Is present and light-emitting diode illumination successfully realized in this model the class LED, perfectly suitable for illumination of the most dark and remote sites in operating time. Start can be made on variable speed, in addition there is also a protection against an overheat, casual pressing. Blocking essentially increases also safety of work.

The patented ECP system ™ (Electronic Cell Protection) – unique development of the Bosch company, it intends for protection of the device against possible differences of tension, especially at a charging from the accumulator. It is in addition provided and internal cooler for cooling of all design as a whole, directly in operating time. Together with rather low cost, this puncher is an excellent choice both for house use, and for professional labor activity during full time. A firm guarantee and primordially German quality of production – the guarantor of a demand of Bosch 18B HDS181-01 in the international market of electroerection facilities. That’s why it’s a really high quality equipment.

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