Bosch HD19-2D 1/2″ 2-Speed Hammer Drill

Bosch 1/2″ 2-Speed Hammer Drill HD19-2D is the powerful puncher with a set of functions. It can both to drill a wall, and to hollow. Its powerful 8 Amp the motor is capable to twist a drill evenly, with big force. That is drill different diameter, even large, won’t get stuck in the metal environment, and the motor maintains all loadings connected with such work. The engine is calculated on that, that the puncher could drill concrete, wood and metal. Function, which switches its work to a jackhammer, is capable to carry out the tasks not only at a punched hole of walls. In the district where it is necessary to construct, for example, a well, but the surface of soil is covered with a concrete plate in thickness in 20-30 cm, this puncher it is possible to shatter it on any perimeter, depending on an urgency and benefit of work. That is, it is not necessary to wear out this device, working as for hours without a break, it is possible to allow for it to have a rest each hour for 15-20 minutes and to continue to drill concrete. Such mode will give the chance still to the worker to do sufficient respites.

Bosch 1/2″ 2-Speed Hammer Drill HD19-2D has the additional being fastened handle if it is necessary for the worker. The handle can be scrolled by means of a special rim on the right and on the left hand, depending on preferences of the worker. Also the handle has a soft slip that the hand didn’t swell and felt it with convenience. The special demountable fixture from below the puncher is intended to regulate depth of drilling with absolute accuracy. That is on all distance of a drill of any length it is possible to establish a measure and already about anything doesn’t worry, for example, if there is exact information that under a wall layer on a certain depth wires with an electric current are laid. Also the puncher possesses mass of pluses which the worker can individually find for itself when will work with it.

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