Bosch HDB180-02 18V Compact 3/8″ Cordless Hammer Drill

Portative Bosch HDB180-02 drill has a list of some features, which defers it from the other models of the Bosch Company. First of all, the buyers pay attention to the pleasant design of the model. Its weight is 3, 2 kg (it is more than twice less that the weight of the common drill). The average speed of rotation is 1450 turns per minute. That is a little bit less that the rotation of the professional drills, but this one is the most suitable for home use.

In the complex there is lithium ion battery, which change is 1, 3 Ah. If to pay attention to the power factor against specific gravity, it will be clear that the model wins in comparison to the other analogical hand drills. So, it is very convenient to those users, who need a high comfort of transportation and work in the different conditions.

The cartridge has an automatic block, so the replacement of the drill happens with a few moves of the hand.

There is one big plus in the given model – LED light which gives a possibility to see the working place clearly, to light it, that helps to work in the different conditions also in the conditions where there is not enough light.

One small pros of the given model is that there is no indicator of the battery charge, but the speed of rotation of the drill can be installed very exactly and flexibly. Bosch Company gives its buyers tree years guarantee on the given tool, so it is easy to be sure about the high quality and efficiency of the gadget.

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