Bosch SG25MT 2500 RPM TEK Screwgun

Bosch SG25MT 2500 RPM TEK ScrewgunBosch SG25MT 2500 RPM TEK Screwgun – one of the most convenient and powerful punchers as in general, and from Bosch firm, though belongs to middle class. Its motor of 7 Amp allows to keep an operating mode of the puncher throughout the day without negative impacts on the general functionality of this construction device. Naturally, it is not necessary to use it, without switching off all the time, but in case of urgent works of TEK Screwgun it is capable to sustain all loadings. It works from a network that at certain minuses in front of wireless devices gives full priority in stability and durability of its work.

Bosch SG25MT Screwgun has compact, even the tiny design and is very conveniently held. It can be held and over the head, both at a belt, and at level of shoulders. Speed and stability of the address of the screw, and also weight, allow at work not to make additional physical efforts where it is necessary to press a drill strongly. Has a clip for a belt that in the course of works can release hands for these or those tasks and does it by rather mobile device.

The demountable nasal part allows to adjust depth of a drill and to fix it. It saves time if it is necessary to recustomize depth by the set criteria. Using such puncher it is possible practically without stopping to drill on all to wall of an opening of the different depth, different drills, under different tasks. It can be promoted also by the speed which was regulated by the special lever of rotation of a drill. Quickly separating nasal part and easily being switched lever – all this advantages of the puncher emphasizing its mobility and conveniences. Here it is possible to carry and possibility to use a drill practically any length and a facet.

Bosch SG25MT 2500 RPM TEK Screwgun – the tool which won’t be superfluous on any construction object.

Bosch SG25MT 2500 RPM TEK Screwgun Specifications:

  • Amperage: 7.0
  • Gear Housing: Metal
  • Length: 11.2″
  • No Load RPM: 0-2,500
  • Nose Piece: Metal
  • Rating: 120 V
  • Torque (in. lbs.): 179
  • Weight (lbs.): 3.2

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