Bosch SG45M-50 screwgun

Bosch SG45M-50 screwgunBosch SG45M-50 screwgun is a new model which has a good thought-out construction, thanks to which the compact form of the instrument is well compatible not only with a good design but also with the outstanding technical characteristics.

An instrument is done for the installation of the roof and also for walls and ceilings from the gypsum plasterboard. The reducer box is done from very strong plastic and plastic (6, 2 А) end part, the weight of the instrument is no more than 2, 6 kg.

Posi-Lock system is an additional feature of the Bosch SG45M-50 screwgun. It gives a possibility to fix the depth of the screws. The workability and the quality of the works, which are carried out, become better. If to fix the position of the instrument at one and the same depth, this depth will stay the same thanks to the ability to keep the settings.

At the same time, if there is necessity to change the settings, it will get not a lot of time to do it. It is possible to carry out an operation using only one hand.

Bosch SG45M-50 has not only the best characteristics of the previous models. It also has some new features, such as 15 meters cable, fixation button for work at the big objects, clip for the belt and a handle for back and front way.

It is possible to regulate the turns in the limits 0-4500 turns per minute and the length of the instrument is only 10, 9″, which provides not only an optimal speed in the process of installation of the gypsum plasterboard in the metal constructions, but also gives a possibility to carry out the installation in the places, which are difficult to reach.

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