Circular saw reviews: variety and different features

Circular saws are widely used in mills and home for wood cutting and paneling etc. The circular saws are found in various variety having different features. Some features of the different range of circular saws are discussed below.

Black and Decker BDCMTTS MATRIX Trim Saw

Matrix Trim Saw attachments BDCMTTS is indeed a very powerful circular saw and can be easily used on fence board, ply and also for the purpose of paneling. Its light weight, compact design and durability allow the customers to work on it with ease and comfort. It has a spindle lock button that provides the customers the convenience for making single- wrench bit changes.

The price is as low as $40 and the features and benefits are as high as any good circular saw, having an R.P.M (AC 4A=0-2800, 12v Max= 0-2600 and 20v Max=0-3400). Moreover its compatibility and durability allows the customers to use it conveniently and with good control. The product includes (1)3-3/8” Carbide blade- 24 T. BDMTTS is definitely worth a buy for all those who are looking for a circular saw not only because of its good price but the marvelous features that compliments it.


Bosch CS10 7-1/4 Circular Saw

CS10 7-1/4” Circular saw is reliable, durable and worth a buy for all the professionals. Because of its light weight yet a high strength magnesium upper guard, it makes a strong and precise cut. The end cap is removable which enables to service the brushes with ease. The cast magnesium fool plate is advanced and is of good quality which helps in making precise cuts. It has a 56 degree bevel capacity, heavy duty 22amp switch, a 15 AMP and an anti-snag lower guard.

The visibility is unsurpassed due to its Optimized sight lines and the saw hook helps in suitable saw storage between the cuts. The handle is beautifully textured and the grip is soft meaning good control and added comfort. The tool is user-friendly as the blower helps to clear away the dust easily. The lock system is very reliable as the bevel and depth levers are quite adjustable. It has a spindle lock and 10’ log cord.


Dewalt DWE575 7 1/4 Lightweight Circular Saw

If you are looking for the best warranty at a best price, then DEWALT DWE575 should be your best choice. With its versatile features and a three year warranty, this tool has the strongest and the most accurate cut than any other circular saw available in the market. Being one of the lightest saw at 8.8 pound, it provides both control and comfort. The bevel capacity is of 57 degrees with stops at 22.5 degrees and 45 degrees. A strong 15 AMP motor, a high quality aluminum base and 29/16 inch depth of cut allows for making precise and accurate cuts.

The dust blower is outstanding as it cleans off the dust from the line of visibility and the anti-snag Ball bearing lower guard is not only environment-friendly but also provides the best guard operation. The wrench is easily accessible because of its amazing on-board blade wrench storage facility. DEWALT DWE575 is the perfect choice for all those who want to take advantage of these multiple and fabulous features


Dewalt DW368 7 1/4 (184mm) Lightweight Circular Saw

Are you looking for a basic circular saw with high level of productivity without getting exhausted? DW368 is the answer to your prayers as its light weight of 9.5 lb, a stable and smooth grip on the handle and a bevel capacity of 56 degrees not only allows the user good control and comfort but also to make accurate and aggressive cuts. Moreover the durable magnesium shoe is strong enough to be dropped from the ladder without being damaged internally. Just like the other circular saws DW386 also have a 15 AMP motor and a lower guard design but with better performance and better productivity than the others.

The DW386 is accompanied with twin clasped plastic cases that protects the circular saw from any damage at the site. A blade wrench and 18 tooth carbide blade tip is also included in the package. With its outstanding features and competitive price it is worth a purchase for all those who want productivity and comfort in one go.


Hitachi C18DL 18V Lithium Ion Circular Saw

The Hitachi C18DL circular saw, no doubt is one of the most reliable and compatible circular saws because of its innumerable and impressive features. The genuine Hitachi built circular saw, unlike the other circular saws, provides the users with an electric brake for safety purpose and a built in spotlight for better sighting of the cut line. Not only that, but a fan cooled motor and Lithium batteries that has the power capacity 3 times better than the traditional batteries.

The blade of 6/12” is left mounted and the handle has a soft elastomer grip that provides the users with increased comfort and lesser fatigue. The Bevel angle can be adjusted up to 50 degrees to perform precise cuts. The C18DL comes with 18V 3.0Ah HXP Lithium Ion batteries, a quick charger, 6-1/2” 24 tooth carbide tipped saw blade and an instruction manual. The package also includes a carrying case.


Hitachi C7BMR 7-1/4 Circular Saw

The C7BMR Circular saw is definitely one of the most reliable and useful Circular saw of its kind. It’s durable and powerful 15 AMP motor is strong enough to cut the toughest material effectively. The Bevel has a capacity from 0 to 55 degrees with stop at 45 degrees. Instead of plastic, C7BMR tool bearing sits and levers are made from die cast aluminum for greater consistency and long life of the tool. For safety purpose the tool has an electric brake that stops unintentional cuts.

Moreover the gear cover, magnesium housing, lower guard and blade cover ensures stability and strength. In addition its light weight and soft grip enables the user to use the tool comfortably and with more control. The added advantage of this tool is the IDI (internal double insulation) technology. The package includes 24 tooth carbide tipped blade and a box wrench. With its 5 years of warranty and outstanding features, this tool stands out among the others and should be given top priority.


Makita 5008MG 210mm Circular Saw

The blade quality of any circular saw is of highest importance while making a purchase and the 210mm circular saw has got the most top quality large tipped TCT cutting blade with tungsten carbide tip to ensure a quicker cut. The cutting depth is of 75.5mm and the beveling capacity is 50 degrees. It can be used both on soft wood and hardwood. Due to its light weight, it is easily portable. Not only that, but it allows the users to easily handle it with good control.

The tool has an amazing built in light using Twin LED light, which helps in sighting the cut line. The 210mm circular saw comes with hex wrench, rep fence guide and carbide- tipped blade. With these marvelous features and a genuine warranty the 210mm Circular has it all and a good option for the professionals who are looking for a circular saw of good quality and strength.



Metabo KSA18 LTX LiPower Cordless 18V 6-1/2-Inch Circular Saw

Metabo has also reached the market of circular saws. This particular model is of the cordless range, which has made them the masters in this specific area of trade. These machines perform fast, and also have the added advantage of being compact, as well as light. It also comes with a new gear concept, which has a new style of torque clutch. This definitely makes a variety of different applications possible. The torque range has been doubled, so now your choice of applications is not limited.

Furthermore, the battery and the motor has been built in such a way that they provide the feature of being concept along with being extremely powerful. The battery pack is supported through the new system of electronic single cell protection, quite unique to this particular brand. Because of the air cooled charging technology, the battery is always cool, and is charged quickly, but does not put too much strain on the life of the battery. Therefore, this is the tool for you, when you are looking for double the power.


Panasonic EY3530NQMKW 15.6-Volt NiMH 5-3/8-Inch Cordless Metal Circular Saw

For the best powerful, yet cordless tools in the market, Panasonic is one of the options, because it has been established for a long while. Range of features makes the use of the tool brilliant in the sense that it can be used for plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and general construction applications. This increases the diversity and flexibility of the work. For metal cutting, the saw kit uses either a 5-3/8: 30 tooth or even a 50 C6 tooth, which has a tungsten-carbide blade, which is tipped.

The 50-tooth blade should be used to cut metal, which is extremely thin. The motor of 3100 rpm is extremely powerful and has the ability to make sure that the materials can be through. The metal cutter, even though weighing only 6.7 lbs has the powerful capability of handling a wide variety of cutting positions. Blade changes are simple, because of the shaft lock button, and the design is such that it is ergonomic to use it.


Panasonic EY4542XM 14-2/5-Volt Li-Ion Metal Circular Saw

Available in both a tool format, or even as a combo kit, this particular model by Panasonic, which runs on 14.4 volt has the purpose of multi-work, which means that the metal cutter can be used for a wide range of applications. The tool is lightweight and compact. Using around 3600 rpm, the blade has around 30 teeth, measures around 5-3/8th, and uses tungsten steel carbide, which is tipped. The chipping action of the blade ensures that there is a much quicker cut, which can occur because of the abrasive.

There is no need to de-burr when you have cut the piece, because it comes out clean. The adjustable base plate also makes it easier for individuals to minimize the chances of blade wear, and also maximum the efficiency of cutting. Convenience features include an electric brake, LED work light, a spindle lock button, along with dust control system. The ergonomic design also makes this tool a must buy.

These particular circular tool saws are worth a consideration, when you want the best for your tool kit.


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