DeWalt D25404K 1-1/8″ SDS Hammer Kit

With a proper kit box, with multiple tools designed to help you work efficiently and effectively at any works station, DeWalt presents you with DeWalt D25404K 1-1/8″ SDS Hammer Kit. You will have multiple features, when you get this tool, and avail so many advantages, when you use this tool. After all, when you want to get done with your work, as quickly as possible, and without any strain, you should definitely choose this tool. Read below for specifications for this tool, so that you can make up your mind about it.

This particular model, which has Heavy-Duty 1-1/8 inch Rotary Hammer, has multiple features. The hammer also has a chipping function. The entire Kit box contains the hammer, and the best part is that the hammer is in a durable kit box, hence it will last you a long time. The hammer will hit hard on any service. The rotary hammer has a depth rod and a 360-degree side handle, and having an 8.3 Amp motor. This enables the hammer to give high performance, which also has overload protection.

A fully sealed gearbox makes sure that the dust is kept out of the hammer, and is continuously greased, paving way for superior performance. Since the hammer weighs a mere 10.75 pounds, you will not experience any fatigue, even if you are working for long hours. In fact, this hammer has such an amazing drilling capacity, which you will not be able to find in any other compact drilling hammers. It can manage SDS bits from around 5/32 inch to 1-1/8 inch. It can perform two different types of drilling.

The hammer-only mode paves way for users to conduct light chipping applications. On the other hand, the rotation-only mode allows the users for wood and metal drilling. This is also made easier, because of the variable-speed feature that forms a major component of this tool. It allows users to transform from the rotary hammer mode (for light chipping applications), which provides power up to 4100 BPM to a rotation-only mode (for metal and wood drilling), which has a speed of up to 730 RPM. There are some other features, which also includes an easily changeable SDS chunk. This can easily be installed and removed in a simple step. The user just has to turn the collar into a locked or unlocked position, and then use the adjustable depth rod, in order to accomplish correct drilling depths. This tool therefore has the advantage of increasing productivity, especially in heavier and larger applications.

Hence, buy this tool to get the perfect amount of work done in perfect timing.

DeWalt D25404K Specifications:

  • Optimal Concrete Drilling: 1-1/8″
  • Amps: 8.3Amps
  • Impact Energy: 3.34ft-lbs
  • Vibration Control: No
  • Vibration Measurement: 14.5 m/s2
  • Switch: 8.3
  • Chipping: Yes
  • Wood/Steel Drilling: Yes”
  • No Load Speed: 0-730rpm
  • Blows/Min: 0-4,100bpm
  • Clutch: With adaptor
  • Tool Length: 15.25″”
  • Tool Weight: 10.75lbs

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