DeWalt DCD760KL 18V 1/2-inch (13mm) Cordless Compact Li-Ion Drill / Driver Kit

If you think of buying a new cordless drill driver, then the DeWalt DCD760KL may prove to be a nice choice for you! The tool ensures improved functionality and a set of features that make it more useful as compared to other models. Its light weight does not compromise with its durability and power and this is what thousands of users all over the world appreciate nowadays.

The main advantage of this device is undeniably the balance it offers. The weight of the tool’s battery vs the weight of the motor is ultimately perfect. Due to this characteristic, users do not get tired while working with this drill. Moreover, they have better control over the job they perform irrespective of whether they use one or both hands during the process of working.

Another positive feature of the DeWalt DCD760KL is the additional battery pack it comes with. The truth is that lots of similar appliances do not include extra batteries. As a result, customers do not only have to spend more money to opt for another battery pack, but often have to stop working while waiting for the battery to be recharged. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that the device will stop functioning only when the battery completely runs out. This is not always convenient, because you will not be warned about this fact in advance to change the battery in time.

The design and construction of this drill are so sturdy and convenient that you will not experience any problems when coping with tasks of any complexity. The device makes it possible to change the drill bit without keeping track of its hand crack. This is because the design of the drill implies that it can be used without it. So, you will not have to be concerned with maintaining the gears and there will be no possibility of losing the hand crack. That is surely a benefit in itself that appeals to lots of customers worldwide.

Some users admit that the operation of the tool is quite loud, which makes its usage in apartments and houses a bit annoying. However, most people use these devices during the daytime only, so it is quite natural that they may be somewhat loud.

What you will certainly like is that the drill has the LED work light, which increases visibility while working. It comes with a 90 day money back guarantee and has 3 years of limited warranty.

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