Dewalt DW253 4500 rpm Lightweight VSR Drywall Scrugun

Dewalt has one of the best tools in the market. When you want your work to done as efficiently and effectively as possible, you should buy this particular model. The Dewalt DW253 4500 rpm Lightweight VSR Drywall Scrugun has ample amount of features, which will make your work easier and quicker.

Dewalt has designed the product, keeping the end user in mind. There are many different features of this product that has made it so popular. This product has the best power to weight ratio, when compared with the other screwguns in the market. Since it weighs around 2.9 pounds, you can easily carry it around, and you will not strain yourself, when you are working for long hours. In fact, it has been designed highly ergonomically, with a soft-grip handle. It has a 12-foot rubber cordset, which means you can carry it around at longer distances. This paves way for greater maneuverability, flexibility and versatility. It can perform various applications, which includes dry wall applications, as well as metal applications. It is the best choice for fastening drywall to wood, as well as steel stud and metal stud framing, to a maximum of 18-gauge. The speed range come is around 0-4500 rounds per minute (RPM), which is a good speed. For greater durability, this equipment has a forget nose cone, as well as a metal locator on a set.

In fact, it even has a three year limited warranty, with one year free service availability with the manufacturer. The motor is around 6.3 amps, which is a good amount. The clutch is of the standard type. The maximum fastener size is around 8. The fastening accessories do not come with this tool, so you will have to buy it yourself.

You should not worry about the quality of this product. It is extremely good, and the machine does it work very well.

Dewalt DW253 Specifications:

  • Amps: 6.3Amps
  • No Load Speed: 0-4,500rpm
  • Clutch: Standard
  • Torque: -in-lbs
  • Max Fastener Size: #8
  • Tool Weight: 2.90lbs

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