DeWalt DW705 Heavy Duty 12 Compound Miter Saw

DeWalt DW705Looking for a functional but comfortable miter saw that could ensure you long years of superb service? If so, then do not pass by DeWalt DW705! They say that this tool is somewhat pricey, but you will make sure that it is really worth the money you will pay for it as soon as you learn more about this innovative device. So, what is so special about it? Firstly, it comes with a 12-inch blade, which seems powerful enough to ensure accurate, quality and precise cutting of most materials. Apart from that, the appliance is equipped with a powerful motor that is firmly attached to the machined and nicely forged chassis. The fact that the latter is produced of aluminum makes the tool extremely lightweight, but sturdy, which is exactly what you need for your home building needs.

Secondly, the initial adjustment of a miter is quite easy with positive detents at such angles as 22.5 and 45 degrees. As far as the DeWalt DW705 is referred to as a compound miter saw, it ensures quick and easy adjustment of two angles, though the secondary one does not provide the detent feature. In case you are looking for a saw, which has a guide fence, then this one will become a good choice for you as well. You will appreciate the fact that the adjustable part of the convenient guide fence can be easily moved directly to the tool’s blade, thus making it possible for you to hold pieces, which may be hard to work with.

DeWalt DW705 is equipped with a carbide-tipped blade that may be successfully applied in lots of situations. However, this kind of blade will hardly be useful for making fine trim cuts. This is because it features coarse teeth that may chip small scrappy trim pieces only.

Another undeniable benefit of this miter saw is that is has a highly efficient retractable safety cover of the blade, which is meant to prevent any potential accidents. At the same time, this feature does not compromise the amazing usability of the device, thus making it even more practical and functional.

Apart from being lightweight (40 lbs only) and easy to carry, this appliance has electric brake, a power cord, which is around 10 feet long, and a useful dust bag that is irreplaceable when there is a need to collect sawdust.

All in all, this miter saw is recommended to all homeowners, who need a functional and affordable tool that will ensure supreme cutting capacity, reliability, sturdy construction and quality.

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