DeWalt DW735 13-Inch Two Speed Thickness Planer

The DW735 is a 13″ two-speed thickness, three knife planer that was manufactured with functionality and convenience in mind. It comes with a 10000 RPM cutter-head, the speed of which ensures a prolonged life of the knife and makes its change much easier and faster. The design of this appliance will also come up to your expectations due to its accurately-made plastic and metal parts of high quality. The tool weighs around 90 lbs and has large handles that make the use of the appliance even more convenient and easy.

The powerful motor of this is advanced planer is very compact and you can make use of a chance to change its brushes any time you consider it necessary in order to prolong the life of the tool. This procedure is not that difficult and does not require any special accessories. The detailed instructions are provided in the manual the appliance comes with, so you will hardly face problems here.

The motor is designed to power the cutter head of the device through a belt drive, which runs very smoothly. In addition, it is protected by an outer circuit breaker, which can be easily reset by means of activating a push button. Another beneficial feature of this tool is that it comes with the additional motor blower section, which contributes to the efficacy of functioning.
There is also a convenient hose adapter for dust cleaning units and one more flat dispersal hood, which deflects the dust downward in case the dust cleaner is not currently available. These adapters are attached to the port with the help of a twist-lock mechanism, which prevents them from being blown off during the operation.

The DW735 has an oversized hand wheel, the diameter of which is 7″ only. It lowers and raises the cutting head of the device 1/16″ per full revolution. This allows making more accurate and precise adjustment during the cutting process. Another useful and significant characteristic of this tool is the automatic and highly-effective snipe-reducing part, which is involved into the operation as soon as the height changes. This part involves 4 corner posts of 1″ diameter, which is heavily threaded in order to get rid of the snipe.

The two-speed gearbox of the DW735 makes it easier for a user to change the feed speed in order to optimize CPI (cuts per inch) at 96 or 179. This ensures a more effective functioning of the 3-knife cutter head. Thus, a faster 96 cut per inch rate is more efficient when it comes to cutting or dimensioning soft wood, while a slower 179 CPI rate is ideal in the process of cutting hardwoods or making finish cuts. So, if you feel that it is high time to get yourself a functional planer, then the DeWalt735 is the one you should definitely consider.

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