Hilti TE 2 Rotary Hammer Drill

Hilti TE 2 Rotary Hammer DrillDo you want to experience complete safety and satisfaction, while you are working on various applications at your house? Do you want a tool, which will help you work efficiently and effectively? Do you want a cordless rotary hammer drill, so you do not have to worry about long wire tangles? Then, you should definitely consider buying Hilti TE 2 Rotary Hammer Drill. It is necessary for every household.

Weighing around 2.7 kg, this tool will make sure that you can have a complete ergonomic experience, when you are drilling for long hours. Measuring around 352 X 89 X 203 (LXWXH), the rotary drill will easily fit into your hand. The power range comes up to 650W, and the voltage capacity comes up to 110V. In order to ensure higher comfort and a better working experience, the manufacturers have also provided the comfort of click chunk and synchronized switch. With this particular tool, you can easily drill into masonry and concrete. It can drill into wood up to 4-20 mm, and the metal range comes up to 3-13mm. Additionally, the hole saws also has the range of 25-68 mm. It has the capability of drilling 4-22 mm diameter anchor holes, and it can also drill through holes in concrete and masonry. Therefore, this is the complete drilling machine. Gypsum board and plastic is also within its range. To make sure that you can work for longer hours, and for a longer period in life, the motor is very sturdy, with a high load rating, to ensure maximum reliability.

To make sure that you have a full experience, the drill also comes with tools in an impact-resistant plastic tool box. It also has drill bits, available in following dimensions, which includes 3/16” x 6, ¼” x 6”, and 3/8” x 6”.

Additionally, the user will also have an added benefit of having life-time support by the manufacturer, by Hilti. The manufacturer provides No-costs coverage and 2-years service.

When you are looking for perfection, precision and accuracy, you should not look elsewhere, but definitely go for Hilti products. The tools are always top of the range, and are packed with features.

For household applications, this is ideally the best tool that you can have. It has the advantage of being cordless, so you do not have to worry about long wires. A complete ergonomic experience for a faster drill!

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