Hilti UH 700 hammer drill

Hilti UH 700 hammer drillHilti is a dominant player in the tool manufacturing market. If anyone is an owner of a construction and building maintenance industries, he/she should definitely consider using this tool for hammer drilling on various applications.

For ease and comfort, the hammer drill is made in a pistol design, so that it is easy to hold and handle. This hammer drill has low weight, around 2.4 kg, which means that you will not have user fatigue, when you are working for long hours. The drill also has the choice of keyless chucks with spindle lock, which allows for single-handed operation. You can also avail the option of robust key chuck. It also has the option of tightening the torque, when the chuck is being switched. Therefore, the manufacturers have thought of everything, in order to make drilling a relaxing and enjoyable experience, with very less user fatigue.

The driller will surely last you for a long time, because it has the benefit of rugged casing and robust motor. Hence, the driller is extremely reliable. The driller also has 2 gears plus additional hammering, so that you are able to perform a huge range of applications. Rotation speed gear 1 under no load comes up to 900 rpm, while rotation speed gear 2 under no load comes up to 2500 rpm. The hammer frequency comes up to 48,000 impacts per minute. Reversing switch is also available on this hammer drill, so that you can be consistent with your drilling. In order for you to have easy starting, the hammer drill also has stepless electronic speed control. You are also able to perform easy screw-driving on this hammer. Hence, it is a very versatile and flexible tool, which allows you to perform a wide range of applications. Hammer drilling can be done in masonry and natural stone. Therefore, the tool works on such surfaces, as well. This availability is not there in every tool. Rotary drilling is also possible in steel and sheet metal. The user is also able to conduct hole sawing and rotary drilling in hardwood, as well as softwood.

The hammer drill comes with TM bits, which includes one 3/16” x 6, one 1 ¼” x 6, one 3/8” x 6”, one ¼” x 4”, and one 1 ½” x 6”.

The manufacturers have ensured that this hammer drill is tough from inside and outside, so it will last you for years to come. The body is robust, and the motor will not give up on you. Moreover, you will have perfect comfort on this.

You should definitely add this to your tool collection.

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