Hitachi D10VF 3/8″ 9-Amp Drill EVS Reversible

Hitachi D10VF 3/8″ 9-Amp Drill EVS ReversibleWhen you want a powerful drill, which can work efficiently, then you are looking at the right tool. The D10VF can work on many surfaces, which includes wood, as well as steel. It has many features, which pave the way for a very convenient work experience.

This model has the capability of turning a 2-3/4 inch hole saw with complete ease. Additionally, you also have the ability of turning a 1-1/4 inch wood bit, and even 3/8 inch of steel. The 9 amp motor provides incredible power and speed. The heavy duty motor can be geared up to 1200 rounds per minute (rpm). In torque, it can be geared up to 312.5 pounds. The variable speed trigger provides further convenience, since it is located in such a way that it can be pressed easily, and it is oversized, as well. Continuous operation is also ensured through this trigger, because it has a lock-on feature. For increased user comfort and a beautiful ergonomic experience, you would absolutely love the new rubber grip. Since the tool barely weighs more than four pounds, it is very light, and hence can be carried around very easily. It can also be maneuvered easily. The tool is also durable, because the gears are made up of cast aluminum housing. This housing also dissipates heat effectively, so when you are working under direct sunlight, your tool will not heat up. The oversized reversible switch and trigger lock also paves way for uninterrupted operation. This model also has a 3-kaw industrial chuck, which gives amazing power for gripping for different kinds of bits and drivers. Therefore, the drill can handle different types of materials.

This tool is perfect for heavy applications, and to make sure that the user has better working experience, the form fit palm grip is also provided, along with minimal vibration and easy control. The 3/8” keyless chuck also provides greater convenience.

The tool also has a removable side handle, which provides the user with additional control and better operability. The belt hook ensures that you can always work effectively, when you are at the work site.

Electrical and plumbing applications. If you have a plumbing business, then this tool is best for you. If you are a do-it-yourself, then you can also handle the tool easily. Just be sure to read the instruction manual properly, and read the safety instructions thoroughly.

The injected molded case makes this product perfect, because you can carry the tool around easily. Durability and flexibility, and high power. What else would you want?

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