Hitachi DH38MS 1-1/2 Inch SDS Max Rotary Hammer, 2-Mode

Hitachi DH38MS 1-1/2 Inch SDS Max Rotary HammerIncluded in Hitachi’s next-generation hammers, this model will be able to perform heavy applications. It is also packed with a variety of features, which will make your working experience highly enjoyable. Therefore, for a complete list of its features, you should read on below.

The rotary hammer, DH38MS has an 8.4 Amp motor, which is able to produce up to 950W, which is very robust and powerful. It has impact energy of 6.6 ft-lbs. The model also features two modes of operation, so that you can greater versatility and flexibility. You have the option of choosing either hammer drilling or simply hammering, so that you are able to work on different applications from one tool. The two operations can easily be switched, by simply turning the knob. In dangerous circumstances, which include bound-bit situations, the safety clutch is able to ensure a great amount of user protection. To make your life easier and much simpler, the tool also has a sealed grease system. You will not have to maintain the tool for a long time, because the grease system will make sure that this is automatically done. The tool also has a side handle, which rotates at 360 degrees. This makes sure that the user can have high control, when he/she is working. You will be able to experience efficient and fast drilling, as well demolishing speed from this tool. The idle hammer prevention system also provides the added benefit of durability. The variable lock mechanism ensures for 12-angel chisel positions, which gives the user better options.

Hitachi DH38MS 1-1/2 Inch SDS Max Rotary Hammer also comes with a large injection molded case, which can be carried. The carrying case also has a lot of space for side handle, for bits, as well space for different accessories.

You can rest assured that once you invest in this tool, you will be able to handle a wide variety of applications, which includes drilling holes in concrete either for anchors or rebar. You will also be able to tamp or drive ground rods, as well as chisel concrete. Cutting and digging rods can also be done from this tool. Therefore, you will have great flexibility.

Different types of users will be able to handle this application. Professional tradesman, as well expert do-it-yourself will be able to work with this tool effectively and efficiently.

This tool is a definite must-have. With such high availability of features, why should you even look elsewhere?

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