Hitachi W6V4 Drywall Screwdriver VSR

Hitachi W6V4 Drywall Screwdriver VSRWhen you are looking for a screwdriver, which works fast, then you are looking right at the perfect tool. People, who own plumbing businesses, should consider opting for this screwdriver by Hitachi. Since Hitachi is a well-known brand in the tool market, you do not have to worry about the quality of the tools. With Hitachi W6V4 Drywall Screwdriver, you are definitely getting something worth it, because it is packed with features.

With a powerful 6.6 Amp Motor, the tool can perform applications, which require heavy duty. The motor has over 750 W of input power, running at 4,500 rounds per minute (rpm). The tool also features a silent clutch, which paves way for a sound-free working experience, because it reduces noise level to 76dB. The removable nose piece also makes sure that you can easily replace and adjust your tool movement, so that you can have screwdrive consistently and accurately. Since the tool barely weighs more than 3.1 lbs, it can be easily carried around, and can be used, and maneuvered easily.

The design of the tool is in such a way that Hitachi has made user experience comfortable. You will also find the design of the tool quite durable, since it will last for years to come. It has a soft body and handle, which is made from soft, yet durable elastomer. You will get comfort and durability, both at the same time. To make sure that it is easy for the user to work, the tool also comes with a belt hook, which is convenient while you are working at the worksite. It can screw-drive into drywall up to 10 inches, and the wood capacity comes up to 9 inches.

Along with these specifications, the tool also comes with a 24-foot cord, which means that you can easily take the screwdriver to different places around the jobsite. A driver bit, a sub-stopper and a magnetic bit holder also complete the entire package. You also have a handy aluminum gear case on this machine, so you will find it easy to carry it around. Therefore, the tool has features, which make it perfect for almost all screw-driving applications. The one-year limited warranty, provided by Hitachi also adds to the benefits of buying this tool. After all, when you have such high features, then why would this tool not be a welcome addition to your tool collection?

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