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AEG BSB 18 LI 18V Prolithium-ion Hammer Drill

AEG BSB 18 LIAre you currently looking for a functional and affordable hammer drill? If so, then AEG Prolithium-ion BSB18 LI 302 C18V is certainly what you need. This tool is a superb choice both for professionals and ordinary users. Due to the enhanced four-pole motor, it ensures a powerful rotation hammering process, advanced 70Nm torque performance and fascinating drilling options you have always dreamt about. The motor of this device is distinguished by a more compact and functional design, which is highlighted by durable and extra-strong magnets made in Neodymium.

The BSB18 LI 302 C features the following characteristics: 2 Li-ion 3.0 Ah batteries, the overall charge time of which is one hour only, a frameless four-pole motor, 13 mm all-metal Rohm chuck size, 2.5 kilos of weight and 214 mm of length, thermal and current overload protection and maximum 25,600 bpm impact rate. This tool comes with 23 torque settings, which ensures powerful performance, while the improved PROLITHIUM-ION technology contributes to better productivity and increased run time options. Batteries included into the pack allow non-stop operation even in extreme weather conditions. The drill has an integrated LED light, which makes it possible to work in poorly-lit areas. With BSB18 LI 302 C, the process of working will become a pleasure for you.

Black and Decker BDCDMT112 12v Drill w/ Matrix Drill Attachment

House renovations will not be time-taking and complicated if you use the BDCDMT112. This tool ensures high-end performance due to the powerful and quality 12V motor it can boast. This functional device provides that level of performance you need to get the most out of all do-it-yourself operations you are engaged in. The product we are talking about comes with a superb Matrix Quick Connect System that guarantees quick and non-problematic change of numerous attachments included into the pack.

Black and Decker BDCDMT112 has a durable Lithium battery that is able to hold the charge for 18 months or more depending upon how often you are going to use it. The cost of the device will not disappoint you as well, because it is really worth the money you will spend for it. This drill is extremely lightweight and compact, which makes it possible for you to hold it and perform all drilling operations without any extra effort. Furthermore, it comes with a high-quality clutch that has 11 positions and ensures extra control level to prevent overdriving and stripping screws. Just purchase this amazing power drill right away to make the drilling process a convenient and pleasant activity for years to come.

BOSCH HDB180-02 18V Compact 3/8″ Cordless Hammer Drill/Driver

This 18V compact 3/8″ cordless hammer drill will surely become your best helper due to the variety of advantages it offers. What are these benefits? To start with, this device features 360 In Lbs of torque, which makes it possible to drive all those drill bits and fasteners you typically use when performing your do-it-yourself projects. The 8” head length of this tool ensures lightweight and highly compact design that will not require extra effort from the user, thus making the process of working quick and easy. You will be able to try two speeds this drill provides to facilitate your job. High speed is just what you need when working with bits of small diameter, while a more powerful torque is enough when it comes to working with bits of larger spade.

Bosch HDB180-02 comes with built-in electronic motor protection, which increases the work time of this device. It also has a keyless chuck with an auto-lock system to make the process of changing bits easy and quick. The drill is designed to fit perfectly in your hand, which increases the overall working time. This product includes two 18V Lithium-ion SlimPack powerful batteries, a double –sided drive bit, a 45-minute Lithium-ion battery charger and a hard case for safe and comfortable storage of the tool.

DEWALT DCF880B 20V MAX Lithium Ion 1/2″ Impact Wrench Kit with Detent Pin

Getting a high-quality impact wrench kit is a number one task for lots of professional masters and house owners. If you are searching a tool of this kind, then the Dewalt DCF880B will prove to be a nice option for you. This is because it offers a broad range of features that make this device a powerful and highly functional instrument, which will come up to any expectations. Thus, this product is lightweight and compact. It weighs 3.4 lbs only and is around 5.70″ from front to back, due to which it can fit into any areas you need. Other characteristics of this device are: the “D”-shaped air intake grill, a number of pyramids on the handgrip, three LED lights to offer maximum visibility in low-lit areas etc. A comfortable anti-slip grip with a textured surface adds to the convenience and easy control of this device.

The DCF880B does not include batteries and a battery charger, so you will have to buy them separately. Anyway, this tool works perfectly for all those common operations you do every day. It ensures a non-stop powerful action to make your repairs a success. So, get yourself this product and enjoy working with it day by day.

HITACHI WH12DMR 12V Impact Driver

With such an amazing versatility of impact drivers available on sale these days, it is not that easy to choose the one that will suit your basic needs. The Hitachi WH12DMR, however, is that tool, which offers a long list of features you will be pleased with. Thus, this device provides high torque (1150 in-lbs) for the most powerful and tough applications. Its 2-piece motor, which comes with a fan cooler, contributes to better performance of the device, thus increasing its functionality and durability. It also guarantees electronic control of feedback power for equal rpm and torque both in reverse and forward positions. Due to the carbon brush access the product has, you can replace and change the brush any time you need in order to prolong the tool’s life.

The pack includes two 2.0Ah 12V NiCd batteries that are available with a charger and a convenient and lightweight carrying case. The WH12DMR weighs around 3.5 lbs only, so you will find it extremely comfortable and functional. Its grip handle made in elastomer features non-slip properties for better control and convenience of the device. This drill will become an essential and irreplaceable tool for you, so why not opt for it right away?

MAKITA 6936FDWFE 18V 1/4” Impact Driver

MAKITA 6936FDWFE 18V 1/4'' Impact DriverShopping for an impact driver that will combine functionality, quality and superb characteristics? If so, then you should learn more about the Makita 6936FDWFE 18V 1/4” impact drill. This product comes with two 3.0 Ah Ni-MH batteries, the charging time of which is 70 minutes only. This means that you will not have to wait long to complete the project you are working at. Instead, the technical specifications of this tool will enable you to enjoy the process of working, making it easy, comfortable and quick. So, what features are associated with this instrument? These properties include: 3200 ipm impacts, M4-M8 mm machine screw size, M5-M14 standard bolt, 1/4 ” drive hex, 103 dB(A) noise sound power, 92 dB(A) noise sound pressure and 3 dB(A) noise K factor. The maximum torque the drill provides is 145 Nm, which adds to its strength and high performance.

The 6936FDWFE possesses a list of user benefits you will certainly appreciate. Thus, it features perfect power to weight ratio, offering light weight and convenience. Apart from this, it has a powerful marathon motor that comes with replaceable brushes. The impact operation of the device saves the battery from drain, which further ensures prolonged and more durable action. These properties make the tool an ideal choice for long and hardwood fixings.

METABO SSD 14.4 LT 14.4 Volt Cordless Impact Screwdriver

METABO SSD 14.4 LT 14.4 Volt Cordless Impact ScrewdriverThis cordless impact screwdriver can impress anyone by a superb list of functions and properties that can suit any taste. It is one of the best tools that can be used when working with tough applications. With vario-speed electronics and powerful torque options, this device can ensure long hours of easy and effective operation. However, you can choose between three different torque levels and speeds depending upon the kind of job you perform. Technical values of this product include Li-ion 14.4 V batteries with 3.0 Ah capacity, in-built working light that makes it possible to work in poorly-lit conditions, multifunctional system of monitoring, which is meant to protect both the battery pack and the tool etc. The air cooled technology ensures long life of the instrument and its quick and safe charging. You can additionally secure the tool due to the reliable support strap it has.

The weight of the device (with the battery pack included) is 1.7 kg. Thus, you can easily take it along no matter where you go. You will not feel tired when holding this screwdriver as well. The battery pack comes with three years of warranty and is equipped with a convenient display, which shows the capacity of the tool.

PANASONIC EY7542LR2S 14.4V Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill & Driver Kit

Cordless rotary hammer drills are extremely useful when you have to do different kinds of work around the house. They are also often applied when there is the need to complete heavy-duty tasks, such as making holes in concrete, constructing pieces of furniture, ripping up tiles in the bathroom etc. So, if you are looking for a tool that will be able to drill through diverse materials (such as metal, wood, plastics etc.), the Panasonic EY7542LR2S should definitely be your best choice. This cordless rotary drill has a 3.3Ah Li-ion battery, a powerful charger and a 1/2″ SDS-Plus bit system. The max torque of the instrument is 1,239 lbs, while the charge time of the battery is 55 minutes only.

The EY7542LR2S weighs 3.86 lbs, so it is quite easy to use and carry it around. You can also apply this device in areas, where there is little light. This is because it has an integrated work light. Lots of users find this feature convenient. The cost of the instrument may not include the price of extra accessories required for adequate functioning and maintenance of the instrument. Keep that in mind when shopping for it both on the web and offline.

HILTI SID 18-A CPC Impact Driver

If you have to do DIY work around the house quite often, then you will not go without an impact drill. This powertool can make lots of tasks much easier, so it makes sense to find out more about it. Hilti SID 18-A CPC impact driver is the instrument we will talk about right now. It is powered by a high efficiency brushless motor, which is designed to deliver long-lasting power for more effective fastening. The product is equipped with a superb 1/4″ hex quick-release chuck of high quality and comes with Li-Ion 1.6 Ah batteries and four LED lights that ensure better visibility of the area you work in.

SID 18-A CPC impact driver is known for its reliability and durability. With 1.5 kg of weight and 94 of width, it proves to be very compact. Its sealed electronics guarantees extra protection of the parts from negative effects of chips, dust and excessive humidity. That is why you can opt for this instrument without any hesitations and use it for different purposes. The most typical applications, though, include screwdriving in solid surfaces and materials like metal, wood or concrete, lagging bolts up to 1/2″ or completing projects of higher complexity.

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