Impact Driver vs Drill

Impact Driver vs DrillThere is an ongoing debate concerning the difference between two popular power instruments: an impact driver and a cordless drill. The thing is that both tools are widely used these days, though many people still cannot decide which of these items suits their needs better. To be honest, both products have their pros and cons. Although impact drivers are considered more convenient and functional, it makes sense to find out more about each instrument before adopting a decision as to what tool to purchase.

So, what characteristics should be taken into account when comparing these power instruments? To start with, there is a need to get an idea of how exactly both of them work. Thus, an impact driver functions by means of featuring a powerful torque that is characterized by hundreds or even thousands of impact blows. You can use this system any time you need to add more torque in the process of working. A drill, however, functions by ensuring consistent strong torque.

Experts point out that it is extremely easy to do any kind of work using impact drivers. This is because no kickback is felt in the process of working, due to which you will not need to waste your time and effort trying to keep this instrument in place. Furthermore, you will be amazed at how easily and quickly the job will be done, since this tool may be held with one hand only and the rest of the work will be done automatically. Impact drivers are so functional, powerful and speedy that you will not face problems when dealing with tasks of diverse complexity, be it installation of cabinets, driving fasteners into concrete or constructing decks, for instance. No wonder, these characteristics make the tool a number one choice for lots of house owners.

The next thing you should consider when comparing drills and impact drivers is the power of batteries both tools include. As far as you have to apply more power when working with a cordless drill, the battery life of this instrument will be shorter as compared to another tool we are talking about. Impact drivers, in their turn, need a consistent supply of power, so they are constructed in such a way that their batteries will not be exhausted for a prolonged period of time. As a result, you will be able to enjoy more hours of regular work without the need to replace or charge a battery now and again.

A lot of customers admit that physical characteristics of both instruments matter a lot when it comes to comparing these two products. Impact drivers are somewhat smaller than drills and they are quite lightweight as well. So, it is obvious that you will find it easier and more comfortable to hold and carry them without feeling tired for a long time.

With that said, we may conclude that impact drivers have much more benefits than drills. Is there anything, however, that can make the latter instrument a better choice for you? Well, this depends upon the complexity and nature of work you are planning to do as well as on the place you will be in during that process. Thus, impact drivers are characterized by loud operation, so if you are going to work on weekends somewhere outside the house or drill numerous holes and make small repairs occasionally, then a drill will surely be a better option for you. Anyway, it is up to you to weigh all the pros and cons of both tools in order to decide which of them may become your reliable helper from now on.

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