Makita 6823 Drywall Screwdrive

Makita 6823 Drywall ScrewdriveScrewdrivers are useful tool for the house use, as well as other applications. Therefore, you should always have a screwdriver, which allows you to work easily, efficiently and as fast as possible. Read the specifications below of Makita 6823, in order to make your choice.

With a variable adjustable speed of 0-2500 rounds per minute (rpm), this machine will work faster, as you work, and you will be able to control the speed, which will allow for better handling. It has the highest power-to-weight ratio in the market, which means that even though it hardly weighs at all, standing at around 1.5 kg, the motor is actually quite powerful. With the 6.5 amp motor, which delivers high speed to any drywall application, you will not regret buying this motor. It has a silent pin clutch, which means that while you are working, you will not be worried about a lot of noise, which can actually distract you. It has a retractable belt clip, which means you can squeeze the machine into compact areas. Therefore, nothing is out of reach, when you are working with this motor. It is a piece of highly durable machine, and is long-lasting, because of lightweight cast aluminum gear housing. For easy and consistent screw depth setting at regular intervals, it has an adjustable depth locator assembly, with a lock-inch, as well. You will not find it difficult to install and remove the nose piece, because it is conveniently located.

If you are worried about user fatigue, remember that this is a highly rated product for a reason. It is highly ergonomic, with designed rubber grips, which ensure better control of the machine. It also has a large trigger switch, which is sealed, paving way for a longer tool life. After all, you cannot keep replacing your equipment. You will be able to find brushes easily in the market, for easy and quick replacement. The motor is double insulated, as well.

With a magnetic bit holder, nose piece, and 1ea Phillips insert bit, this equipment comes complete. Some other measurements and technical details include the drive shank hex measuring around ¼”. The max dry walls crew measures around 6mm, so does the max self drilling screw. The torque soft/hard ratio measures around 15/25Nm. It requires an input voltage of 570 V.

Why should you buy any other model, when this model is cost-effective and provides a large amount of features?

Makita 6823 Specifications:

  • Drive shank Hex: ¼ “
  • Max dry wall screw: 6mm
  • Max Self Drilling Screw: 6 mm
  • Torque Soft/Hard: 15/25Nm
  • Noise sound pressure: 82 dB(A)
  • Noise sound power: 93 dB(A)
  • Noise K factor: 3 dB(A)
  • Input wattage: 570 w
  • No Load Speed: 0 – 2500 rpm
  • Vibration K factor: 1.5 m/sec²
  • Vibration no load: 2.5 m/sec²
  • Net weight: 1.5 kg

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