Metabo 1800 Watt Three-Speed Drill B 32/3

Metabo 1800 Watt Three-Speed Drill B 32/3Are you an artisan? Are you a professional, who wants to perform some work, which requires heavy-duty? Do you want to be able to drill into most surfaces, with a more depth? Do you want some additional features, along with it? Then, you should definitely include Metabo B 32/3, as your choice.

The tool is packed with such features, which pave way for an altogether brilliant working experience. You can now handle heavy applications, which require some difficult drilling work. This is made possible through the three-speed drill on this tool, which has extra torque. Now, you can drill into pure steel. If you have the magnetic drill stand M 100 (which can be brought separately), you can have core drilling up to Ø 100 mm. The tool is highly durable, because it has a robust mechanical gear box. You will not have to oil it repeatedly, because it comes with oil bath lubrication. The durability of the tool is also promised through the body of the tool, which is casted in aluminum gear housing. The variospeed (V) electronics is an additional benefit of this particular tool. When you want less impact, then the torque limiting clutch will be added feature for you, because it delivers less impact, and makes your work more precise.

The tool is also completed with a long side handle for work with high torque. It also has a chuck key, which makes sure that you can be more precise with your work. When you are cutting into steel, you definitely need to do that.

This driller is perfect, when you want to drill into bits, which have a large diameter. You also have the feature of stirring thick liquid-type materials. Now, you can also screw in long screws, which have a large diameter. This can include frames and facade pegs.

The tool weighs around 7.5 kg, which is not entirely lightweight, but since you are performing heavy-duty work through this tool, the weight can be well-understood. The machine has a drilling capacity of 32 mm in steel, which is quite amazing. This is of course made possible with the additional torque and the heavy motor, which can produce a rated input power of 1800 W, and an output power of 1200 W. The collar diameter comes up to 65 mm. In softwood, the tool can drill up to 70mm.

When you want a tool for heavy applications, especially steel, then you should go for this drilling machine.

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