Metabo BHE 2243 Electronic Rotary Hammer

Metabo BHE 2243 Electronic Rotary HammerWhile there are many rotary hammers in the market, produced by different companies and manufacturers, you should always try getting the best for your tool collection, especially if you are an expert artisan. Why should you compromise on the quality of the tool, when you can get an amazing tool within your budget? Try out the new Metabo BHE 2243 Electronic Rotary Hammer, which the ability to perform high applications.

With a hammer chuck for tools, along with SDS-plus shank end, the tool provides an ergonomic experience, through the use of side handle, which makes sure that you can have a good grip on the handle, while you are at work. The side handle is rubber-coated, so the tool will not slip from your fingers, and you can have a firm grip. The drilling depth guide book, which comes along with the package makes sure that you can understand the amount of drilling, required for particular applications, and the depth allowed by this tool. The plastic carry case allows for easy handling, and ensures that the tool can be easily carried around. The tool is perfect for bits and accessories. Producing no impact, the tool can also be used for bits and accessories, which have cylindrical shank ends, provided that there are appropriate accessories. The tool is also able to perform beautiful hammer action, which is precise and accurate.

The design of the tool is highly durable and long-lasting. It is mounted in a housing, which is made of aluminum alloy. This tool will definitely be in your collection for a long time, since it is built in a robust way. The tool also has the option of having clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation, so you can work at different angles. It has an electronic soft start, which ensures accurate spot-drilling. Metabo also has a special S-automatic torque limiting clutch, which reduces the torque, while providing maximum power. It also has carbon brushes, which are on auto-stop mode. Variospeed (V) electronics also come with the tool.

The tool barely weighs 2.5 kg (without the cord), which means that you can easily carry it around, since it is so lightweight. It delivers a high torque of 15 Nm. It can drill into most applications, which includes concrete, masonry, steel and softwood. The maximum impact rate is 5.400/minute. It has a drill diameter in concrete with hammer drills up to 22 mm. It can drill up to 68 mm into masonry with core bits. Its steel capacity comes up to 13mm, while in soft wood, the capacity comes up to 30 mm.

The perfect hammer drill for most applications.

Metabo BHE 2243 Specifications:

  • Torque: 15 Nm
  • Concrete with hammer drills: 22 mm
  • Masonry with core bits: 68 mm
  • Steel: 13 mm
  • Soft wood: 30 mm
  • Idle revolution: 0 – 1.150 /min
  • Rated input power: 800 W
  • Output power: 410 W
  • Revolutions at rated load: 960 /min
  • Maximum impact rate: 5.400 /min
  • Max. single blow energy (EPTA): 2,3 J
  • Impact power: 166 J/s
  • Collar diameter: 43 mm
  • Bit retainer: SDS-plus
  • Weight (without power cable): 2,5 kg

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