Metabo DWSE 6.3 550 Watt electronic screwdriver

Metabo DWSE 6.3 550 Watt electronic screwdriverAre you looking for a screwdriver, which can handle heavy applications? Do you want to invest in something, which has different features, and will last you for a long time? Then, you should definitely think of considering Metabo DWSE 6.3 Screwdrive, because it is definitely worth investing into.

With a two-part depth guide, which makes sure that you can understand the depth of drilling, the tool ensures easy work for you. The depth guide can be removed, when you are drilling, so that you can inspect it more closely. The motor can provide high speed for the processing of self-drilled screws. With a 10-way adjustable torque, the tool ensures maximum power, so that you can handle all types of applications. The depth guide sleeve has an aluminum part, which makes the tool highly durable. The tool also has an adjustable screw depth, which means that you can have an exact type of precision, when you are performing heavy duty work. The machine also has clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation, so you can work in all directions, and however you are comfortable in. Since high-torque motors tend to produce a lot of noise, which can be disturbing on a job-site and can be uncomfortable for the worker, the low-noise claw clutch prevents that. The claw clutch is shot peened, which is in a high quality, so that it can last for a long time. Changing tools is very easy with quick-action coupling, through this particular model. The tool also comes with carbon brushes, which are on auto-stop.

The overall robustness of the tool is ensured through the body of the machine, which is die cast aluminum gear housing. The variospeed (V) electronics is an additional feature of this machine. Without power cable, the machine weighs around 2 kg, which is quite less, so you can easily carry it around. It has a bit holder with a snap ring, for easy convenience. The bit holder is in a hexagon shape, measuring ¼”.

The maximum tightening torque comes up to 18Nm, which is a good value. It can perform ideal revolutions of 0-2.100 per minute. The machine guarantees high power, because it has a rated input power of 550 W, and an output power of 290W. The carry case also ensures that you can easily carry the tool around, without much difficulty.

Snap on your helmet, gloves and other safety apparel, and get ready to do some heavy work!

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