Panasonic EY6409 12V Cordless 1/2″ Drill & Driver Kit

Panasonic EY6409 12V Cordless 1/2″ Drill & Driver Kit12V Cordless drill from Panasonic is ideal for the different types of work in the conditions of home and also in the professional sphere. It has no cable and it works with the help of 2.8Ah.

Accumulator Ni-MH is of the mark EY9220B, time of work of which is no more than 45 minutes. IN the standard complex there is also an additional battery. In the process of drilling it is very stable and has a small weight of the tool, which gives a possibility to reduce the fatigue and the load on the hands of the worker. The transmission has two positions; comfortable handle gives a possibility to switch between them.

The adjustment of the speed can be in the wide limits, from 50 to 400 turns per minute on a low transmission, from 180 to 1300 on a high transmission, also there is a turn into the other side that gives a possibility to get the stick drill from a hole.

High turn moment gives a possibility to the gadget to work quickly without need of preliminary hearing.

One drawback is that there is no working LED’s light, but the following model has very ergonomic designer’s decision.

The weight of the tool is 1, 9 kg. In the complex there is also convenient bag for transportation. Panasonic guarantee gives a high quality and ideal quality of work in the different conditions.

Among the other models this one differs with the orientation on the home use but it is also suitable for the industrial use.

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