Panasonic EY6432NQKW 15.6V 1/2″ 3.0 Ah Ni-MH Cordless Drill & Driver Kit

Panasonic EY6432NQKW 15.6V 1/2″ 3.0 Ah Ni-MH Cordless Drill & Driver KitAll cordless Panasonic power tools, considering requirements of world trade, are based on four basic principles: wireless, powerful, easy, with ergonomic design. As tools wireless, professionals can use them practically everywhere. The Ni-MH accumulator, thanks to technology of fast additional charge, long service life also has no problem with a power supplies. In tools electric motors with powerful magnets, heat resisting brushes and the built-in fans of cooling are used. For convenience of clients the convenient modern ergonomic design is created. Tools are compact, well balanced and easy-to-work, they can use during the long period of time without fatigue. In them adaptability to manufacture is successfully combined with durability. These easy tools are saturated useful functions which provide their reliability. They can be involved in construction without restrictions. Are ideally suited for installation works, to plumbers, joiners, and also electro assemblers. Panasonic EY6432NQKW 15.6V 1/2″ 3.0 Ah Ni-MH Cordless Drill / Driver Kit without problems provides a torque at any speed. The 18 step coupling plus adjustment of provision of a drill, the heavy boss, adjustment of speed, the 2nd step transmission, fast a system charging, all this is done by this high-quality tool ideally suited for problems of construction, bathroom equipment, electric installation and joiner’s work. Ergonomics of design deduced a drill on standard level. Perfectly balanced tool is ideally suited both for right, and for the left hand. Rubber surfaces on the handle and the back panel, and also a soft emphasis for a thumb provide reliable capture of the handle, stability in work and help to fight fatigue at long use of the tool. The switch is located on the drill case within reach of a hand “forward/back”. It essentially simplifies its management. The idle time less, the more time remains for work.

3.0Ah Ni-MH can be charged the accumulator completely in 45 minutes by means of the EY0110B charger. Even when there is no time for a full charging the Emergency Charge charger in 5 minutes will provide about 15 % of capacity of the tool. Time of a charging is established approximately and can be extended a little under adverse conditions, depending on a situation which occurs at present therefore it is possible to specify only average time of a charging.

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