Panasonic EY7410LA2S 3.6V Li-ion Drill & Driver Kit

Panasonic EY7410LA2S 3.6V Li-ion Drill & Driver KitThe benefits of the lithium-ion batteries are well-known to everybody. There is only a necessity to choose the most ideal model for work in the concrete conditions. In this case Panasonic EY7410LA2S 3.6V Li-ion Drill & Driver Kit is ideal for the comfort work in the different conditions. The battery can be recharged only for the 30 minutes, providing in the future a few hours of the work. The battery can be recharged with the help of the EY7410LA2S tool. The weight of the gadget is 1, 1 kg so the transportation of the gadget becomes easier. In the standard complex there is also an additional battery.

There is double-contact transmission, which gives a possibility to regulate speed of the turns. Also there are two standard modes – low (speed of rotation is 200 turns per minute), high (600 turns per minute). Ergonomic design is done in order to low down the tiredness of the worker. Additional safety is provided thanks to the function of an automatic block of rotation.

Rotation into the other side is also supported, and this can be needed in the case of a drill, stuck in the hole.

This drill is idea for the professional work and for the home use. Low weight off the gadget gives minimum load on the hands in the process of work. The kickback is low and can’t be compared with the other more powerful drills.

The complex includes also very detailed instruction, in which there is a detailed process of work and charge of the drill. Panasonic company production traditionally has a high quality.

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