Panasonic EY7880LZ2S 28.8V Cordless SDS-plus Rotary Hammer Kit

Panasonic EY7880LZ2S 28.8V Cordless SDS-plus Rotary Hammer KitPanasonic EY7880LZ2S 28.8V Cordless SDS-plus Rotary Hammer Kit is perfectly suited for the most diverse range of household tasks. There are two modes of operation, as a drill and rotary hammer for chipping holes in the work surface. In this mode, there are two working speeds, switching between which is quick and convenient. SO the gadget can be used for a variety of different types of work.

In addition, different speeds provide different temperature of heating of the device housing. In any case, punch Panasonic EY7880LZ2S SDS-plus 28.8V is equally suitable for both home and professional use in strict accordance with the long working hours in the conditions of professional works.

As the drill works with the battery, the manufacturer needed to provide the maximum long working time with the minimal charging time, which allows to charge hammer a few times in one day. Using the charger EY0L81B, charging takes 65 minutes for a minimum work and up to 80 minutes – up to the maximum when the battery is fully charged. The high capacity in 3, 1 Ah provides work for several hours at the maximum possible speed.

There is also the auxiliary handle in the device, which allows most accurately to adjust the angle and speed of rotation of the handle. This allows you to maximize precision and flexibility of drilling, or drilling holes in the surface. The maximum punch force of impact is about 23.6 kN. High build quality and proprietary Panasonic warranty make this hammer ideal for home and industrial use.

In addition, it should be said that the gadget has an ergonomic design and perfect look.

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