Panasonic EYFEA1N2S 7.2 Screwdriver Kit

Panasonic EYFEA1N2S  7.2 Screwdriver KitPanasonic EYFEA1N2S 7.2 Screwdriver Kit can couple with its main task, providing quick and efficient work, both for industrial purposes, and within easy home use. The model comes with built-in rechargeable battery and charger. Charging time for the immediate work is no more than 30 minutes, the full power of the battery is gaining just for 60 minutes, which makes it possible to use the device for several times during the day.

There is also a brake control speed and rotation, shift lever, built-in flashlight-class LED. The last one very economically consumes battery power, but it is perfect for lighting dark areas in the process of work. Auto-Power Stop is a function, which is presented in this model. It provides a warning signal and a decrease in power at almost fully discharged battery.

Now you will never have to stop work on the midway to the goal, it is better to charge immediately the battery for maximum power. The screwdriver weighs only 1.6 pounds and has a small size. This greatly facilitates its transportation and portability. Panasonic’s proprietary warranty applies to this product so you can be absolutely sure about the quality of the product and its safety.

From the negative aspects there can be noted only not very high capacity for hard work during the full day, a perfect sphere of application of this model – home use. In the complex there is also a product data and a detailed description of the device in the form of a small manual.

Panasonic EYFEA1N2S 7.2 Screwdriver Kit Specifications:

  • Size(LxHxW): 145mm x 198mm x 42mm
  • Weight: 630g (1.38 lbs.)
  • Battery Capacity: Li-Ion 1.5Ah Rated (accord. To IEC)
  • Charging Time (with EY0L20 charger ): Usable charge: approx 35 minutes
  • Full charge: approx 60 minutes
  • Max. Screws Driving: High mode:M4 screw Low mode:M5 screw

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