Worksite Table Saw Bosch 4100-09 with Gravity-Rise Wheeled Stand

This great, effective table saw model will be a great addition to both professional’s and amateur’s workshop. Being extremely convenient in terms of storage, this powerful device performs a great job helping you to implement projects of different levels of difficulty. Bosch 4100-09 can boast first of its kind characteristics allowing for safe, effortless and accurate operation as well as versatile portable construction which is extremely handy for transfers across even the roughest terrain. So, let’s list and describe the indisputable advantages of this particular device:

  • Gravity Rise Stand (TS3000). The revolutionary Gravity Rise stand uses a unique patented technology which allows for easy and quick setup and takedown. It also provides exceptional versatility and flexibility: the 8 inch treaded pneumatic wheels can get through the toughest terrain easily.
  • Power and Precision. Bosch 4100-09 is powered by a durable 4 HP motor generating 3,650 Revolutions Per Minute, while the smart Constant Response electronics system helps to manage the motor’s power and constant speed under load. Exceptionally clean and precise cutting is provided by the ⅝’’ arbor featuring use of compatible blades enabling you to make bevel cuts (2-47 degrees) as well as dado cuts (up to 13/16’’).
  • Smart Guard System. The innovative protection system of this model provides exceptional visibility and proven user protection. The whole modular three-piece system is very simple, yet reliable and safe in its construction: it includes a built-in riving knife, blade guard and anti-kickback pawls. Everything is installed in a matter of minutes and requires no tools.
  • Large Cutting Table & Squarelock Rip Fence. The 29 x 21.5’’ cutting table features unparalleled durability and convenience allowing for ripping capacity up to 25 inches wide, while the truly handy Squarelock Rip Fence glides across the working surface for simple one-handed operation. It is locked in place for consistent accurate cuts.

It is also possible to enhance the effectiveness of the saw’s performance by installing a unique, easy-to-use digital measuring display (DC010) allowing to take cut measurements within 1/32 of an inch (it is optional; not included). Bosch 4100-09 weight is 60 lbs (saw) and 99 lbs (with stand). The device’s measurements are 39.13 x 30 x 20.9 (H x W x D). Due to its compact size and extra convenient collapsible design it can easily fit even into a small shop environment.

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